Anak, also called Annachia in the Old Poruugan tongue, is a bustling seaport at the edge of the Scarlet Sea. It's one of the largest trading hubs of western Wintering, and a particularly priceless jewel in the crown of the Kaiantoran Empire. Due to being so close to the Sea, Anak is one of the most diverse cities in way of species and cultures in Kaiantor as well. Despite this diversity, many of the city's rats are just as specieist as they are everywhere in rat-centric Kaiantor. Anak is the home of the wealthy and powerful Ratmerchants' Guild of Anak. The slig is the main currency in Anak, as it is in all of Kaiantor.

Peace is kept by Ratguards, led by a big rat captain named Arascci and his superior, High Captain Reneglio.

Justice is meted out by a Lords' Council, a group of five powerful lords of the city and local area that includes Lord Sessio and Lord Montrigo Agrapulia. Punishment often consists of exile, fines, lashings, imprisonment in Hellgate, or execution.

Known residents