Captain Ayid was a large male rat, and a recently-promoted Ratguard captain serving in the Kaiantoran city of Anak. He was honorable in comparison to most of his peers in Anak, and seemed to genuinely care for the welfare of the people in his city, regardless of what species they were or social status they held.

He was under the particular delusion that his father was a general, and often mentioned it during arguments or moments of frustration as if to gain some sort of high ground. Ayid had an intense dislike of Seviglio Agrapulia that bordered on paranoia, calling the young merchant a swindler, a murderer, and a "criminal mastermind".

Ayid had a soft spot for the downtrodden, as shown when he helped the blacksmith Rorna pay for the fines of the young badger Dran, after the badger was accused of threatening the Lordlings Seviglio and Cebrio over accusations of fake weaponry being sold and was facing possibility of execution. Thanks to Ayid, the badger avoided execution and received a punishment of a fine of a thousand sligs and a whipping instead.

He crossed the line into treason, however, when he helped Dran escape his cell in Hellgate by forging a prisoner transfer paper with a false seal. High Captain Reneglio, whose personal sigil he had aped, tendered a declaration of war on him despite his doting inclinations toward the young rat, sending Captains Raunt and Davlin and two contingents of the Ratguard to scour the city clean of Ayid and Dran. Dran managed to escape Anak, but Captain Ayid was not so fortunate. Raunt found him as he aided Dran's escape through the north gate and gave him the opportunity of surrender out of respect for his rank and race. When the cumbersome rat refused, Raunt had him slaughtered by crossbowfire.

Ayid's father Casipp, an ailing, retired veteran, upon the discovery of his dead son, attacked Davlin with a thin sword he drew from his cane. Davlin sustained a survivable injury to the neck, and the so-called "General" was butchered by the surrounding Ratguard on his son's behalf.