Eddair Politsawn was a male rabbit from Ausart, reigning High Priest of the Night Priesthood and ruler of Lurra. Few saw his real face, due to the black mask and black robes covering his short, stout body, but many in his country bore witness to his ruthlessness and strategic brilliance. He was accompanied by a host of thirteen female rabbits, Darkmothers, who attended to his every need and were even prepared to die for him at a moment's notice.

Eddair put down four rebellions over the course of his illustrious career, helped his country survive a country-wide fire, and rooted out and destroyed all wide-scale criminal operations in Lurra. All with few casualties on his side and just enough energy left to take tea upon the top of the highest tower of Ilarija, capital of Lurra.

He was also the one to come up with the bold idea of Holy Knights, to match the military strength of neighboring countries.