Emperor, along with its female form empress, is a title taken by a few excessively powerful heads of state in Aianar and Terrosa.
While the name of Emperor is roughly equivalent to the that of High King, the distinction lies in that Emperors, unlike chosen High Kings, expand their domains through forced fealty and subjugation of lesser Kings.


Emperors and Empresses ruled Kaiantor during the centuries of its golden age, until the last country other than the heartland itself was wrenched from Kaiantor's grasp and it became little more than a petty kingdom.
The last emperor, Slygvorn, died during the final battle that tore the Kaiantoran Empire asunder, but his ambition and vision were not lost on his son even after his death; Sligvere became the first rat to declare himself Emperor of Kaiantor in forty years, and declared the coming of the Fifth Kiantoran Empire.