Gannivere is a large, prosperous, and deeply-feudalistic country, bordering the Southern and Western Seas with Nyfitsa to the East and countries such as Rivermere to the North.

Ruled by the rejuvenated House Tulane following the fall of the Fourth Kaiantoran Empire, Gannivere quickly and easily fell back into its old ways before Kaiantoran interference, with the nation divvied up into baronies amongst the lords of the nation, with the Barony of Carra Fol's primary city of Carra Fol serving as Gannivere's capital.

The nation's knights are often heralded as local heroes and idols to the people of Gannivere, with many feasts, festivals, tourneys and tournaments held to celebrate the knights and allow them to best one another in shows of strength, skill and combat- the tournaments and tourneys in particular are a source of nationalistic pride for Gannivere, whose lords invite foreign knights and nobles from throughout Aianar to show their skills against Gannivere's highly-experienced, and often rarely-defeated, knights, to the entertainment and amusement of the Ganniverian populace.

Gannivere is made up of small sections known as "Baronies", usually consisting of one city and several towns and villages, but some baronies, like those of Neverwell and Wolfmoor, are largely unsettled and lacking in much other than each respective baron's family castle, and some small forts and settlements.

  • The Barony of Carra Fol, held by House Tulane, with Carra Fol as its capital.
  • The Barony of Avoue, held by House Tulane.
  • The Barony of Gelver, held by House Raudell.
  • The Barony of Flauts, held by House Raudell.
  • The Sweeps of Cenyel, held by House Raudell.
  • The Barony of Orwood, held by House Bahl.
  • The Barony of Darkblade Forest, held by House Bahl.
  • The Barony of Blackclyffe, held by House Ryfte.
  • The Barony of Suntoppe, held by House Ryfte.
  • The Barony of Greenfield, held by House Greenwythe.
  • The Barony of Wolfmoor Forest, held by House Fenwaithe.
  • The Barony of Neverwell Forest, held by House Thorndell, with Thornhill as its capital.
  • The Barony of Greatholt, held by House Glisson.
  • The Barony of Ruard, held by House Vouen.
  • The Barony of Corgo, held by House Corlen, with Castle Corgo as its capital.
  • The Barony of Silvering, held by House Rheyley.
  • The Barony of Alne Cukit, held by House Ferling.

Popular deities worshipped in Gannivere (in order of prominence):

  • Fortune
  • The Titan (Guardian of and worshipped primarily by House Bahl)