The Magisterium of Giorra is made up of six Magistrates, representing the six counties Giorra held power over at the time of Giorra's founding.

Magistrates during the times of turmoil that included the Sunnish Wars of Succession and the return of Kaiantor were the hares Barrington of Redgallows, Visposa of Waterbridge, Felt of Freeland, Swyft of Whitebarrow, and Lorrin of Summerwood, and the mouse Culkin of Fastriver.
Per their alliance with Asckon in Kaiantor's overthrow, Giorra was also permitted one of the three crowns to one of the three constituent crown lands of the former Empire. Of their number, Lorrin was given the Crown of the Hills, with its capital the city of Graycrown, although he remained in Giorra and took the physical crown with him.