The High Priest of Lurra, also called Priest-King of Lurra, is the always-male, always-rabbit head of the Night Priesthood, and is selected by his predecessor at birth from anyplace the High Priest sees fit. The future High Priest is trained endlessly by a host of childless females known as Darkmothers until the predecessor dies and the new High Priest takes command of the holy order and of Lurra itself.

The Priest-King adorns himself with a pitch-black mask and flowing black robes marked with glistening moon and star symbols, and mates with each of the Darkmothers in turn to swell the ranks of the Night Priesthood.

The High Priest then takes it upon himself to deal with the command of Lurra however he pleases, as long as it is in a way that he is sure would make the Moon and stars proud.