House Beclare
Sigil:Vert, a menyanth of five flowers proper
Motto: "A Brae!"
Seat: Ivyholt-by-Clare
Region: the Lily
Current head: Mallion Beclare
Title(s): Lord

The Brae

Heir(s): Gyron Beclare
Founder: Yven Beclare

Brae House Beclare of the Lily is an otter family of noble lordly blood in Riveril. They control the Lily region, and have numerous holderknights pledged to them, including House Peppervyne.
The Clare river flows directly past their castle and city of Ivyholt-by-Clare.
The Beclare arms are blazoned with a marsh trefoil, a common plant in the Lily, with five flowers representing the cities of Ivyholt, Runewood, Vervyne, Cemberil, and Unning.


House Beclare began as Clan Ivy, one of six indigenous tribes in current Rivermere. Their home was established at Ivyholt after the overthrow of the Poruugan Empire, which they supported and took part in as service to their alliance with King Benn of Wilderwood.

Known members