The Theocracy of Lurra is a country populated mainly by rabbits, hares, moles, badgers, mice, wolves, cats and hedgehogs. And it is a nation whose people are, for the most part, entirely dedicated to their religion. They worship the Moon, and live under the watchful eyes of the Night Priesthood.

The High Priest of the Night Priesthood is the leader of the Lurran people, and is the only one who can make decisions in regards to the future of the country. He is the single most protected being in all of Lurra.

The Lurran are, for the most part, a peaceful people, in awe of Brijantaar and often attempting to mimic them with the cities the Lurran build and the open fields they consecrate and dedicate to worship of the night. They make their money mainly through the farming of Lurra's rich soil, the cultivation of its honey and the fishing of its rivers, and have often pledged their blades in defense of Brijantaar when the need arises.

Primary Exports


The Lurran believe that Nor was created by the will of the Moon and stars. Evildoers, however, corrupted Nor while it was still being created into the perfect paradise, and flawed Nor immensely. As a way to apologize to the Moon and punish the corrupting evil, the people of Lurra gather in an open field of each city's choosing every night that the Moon is at its highest in the night sky. And then they take lawbreakers and enemies of their country, strip them of their belongings, kill them, and eat them- each citizen of eating a piece of raw flesh before cooking the rest up and devouring it all. A member of the Night Priesthood watches over every one of these events, one member for each city, town, and village. All residents of Lurra are expected to participate. Failing to do so could result in being branded evildoers themselves. Perhaps unsurprisingly due to this practice, the illness that comes from consuming raw meat- as well as the illness that comes from vegetarians consuming meat at all- are two of the most common illnesses in Lurra.