Manticenë, or Mantixenë, is a seagoing mercantile nation to the east of Talassar, in the Sea of Manticene. Officially known as the Sovarene Republic, the country is governed by the Sovarene Council, a small group of blood nobles led by the Prince, and the Electorate, a body of elected representatives of the people led by the Elector, the real power behind the country.



The name Manticenë comes from Manticenean Manti, meaning "sorcerers" + exenë, "land".
The Manti were a corsair clan who came to the isle from Beyond-the-Sea using technologies, or petty magicks, unknown to the locals (who inevitably dubbed them magicians).


Manticenë has existed since 888 AR, when the Manti captain Rombolos landed on the Blue Roc's Isle.
Rombolos slew the Blue Roc and claimed her craggy roost, stealing her eggs for trophies and naming himself a king. Declaring he'd found a pirate kingdom to draw and unite slavers and corsairs from every forgotten pit of the world, he built a Great Keep and castle to rival the castles of even the greatest of kings.
For a thousand years the God-Kings and God-Queens of Manticenë reigned, but though they tried many times to claim the mainlands, it was not until the fall of Arýlia that they truly made their place in the world of Aianar.
Ever since their role in the crushing of the Moonish telarin, besides their endless raiding and slaving all along the coasts, Manticenes have been deeply hated by mainlanders, and never had much success as conquerors, instead being forced to expand their territory on the Eleven Seas.
Not until their reformation into a republic barely two and a half centuries ago did the Manticenes become accepted by other Aianari nations as players to be treated with anything but loathing and suspicion.