The Mirtese Republic, is a proto-democracy of sorts run by a vole chief magistrate. In an attempt to restore their previous language, the Chief Magistrate and his council had Common Tongue, and any other foreign languages, illegalized. Newcomers to the country are informed of this as they enter the country, and are issued a complimentary dictionary and guidebook.

Speaking any language but Mirtese while within Mirt is punishable by exile from the country.

According to (mammalian) Mirtese religion, beings came from massive vines, the Great Vines, that spread throughout the world, bodies dropping from the vines like fruit and becoming alive.

Other beings, demons from Hell, attempted to sprout from the vines, and the Mirtese cut down the vines before they could, and used the vines to build their homes, fashion weapons, and plant vegetables and fruit trees and bushes. One demon, by the name of Cathiz, had survived the death of the Great Vines, and in exchange for sparing his life, he taught the Mirtese the way to grow vines not unlike the Great Vines, but with a mysterious and delicious otherwordly fruit- the grape- grown in place of the creatures the Great Vines gave life to. The demon also taught them how to make wine, and Mirt grew rich from the demon's secrets. The demon, however, was unsatisfied with merely living, and attempted to seize control of Mirt and rule it as their king.

The Mirtese slew him, and from his body sprouted thick, fleshy, green and black tendrils from which monsters grew- bears, pigs, fish, snakes, foxes, wolves, birds and spiders, and they infected the world with their evil. Finally, just as they thought the demon was done, he gave one last shudder of life, and a toad dropped from one final vine, and from that toad the reptiles and amphibians came.

Many other Mirtese tales exist, particularly tales of caution- the one warning listeners not to trust in the birds- The Cruelty of the Cold King- and the one warning listeners not to trust in foxes- The Nine Lies of Thuluzid- being two of the most well-known and famous.

There are no Lords in the Mirtese Republic, at least in the traditional sense- rather, Lords are merely members of wealthy households. Owners of land and those with workers under their command are known as Bosses.

The Mirtese Republic rose following the destruction of the Toad Houses and dissolution of the Toad Kingdom of Rishidmirt.

Mirtese Language

In all phrases mentioning a person or place name, the name goes at the front of the phrase.

  • Rishidmirt: South/Wet Mirt (According to Mirtese Republic maps, the top of Mirt is South and the bottom of Mirt is North, as their maps are reversed in comparison to the Common Map.
  • Murishmirt: North/Fertile Mirt
  • Rishid: Wet
  • Murish: Fertile
  • Guth: One/Singular (used also to signify a word or phrase as being singular)
  • Ef: Plural (used to signify a word or phrase as being plural, such as "groupS" as opposed to "(one) group".
  • Harth: Nine
  • Bat: Belonging To
  • Laka: Boss (gender-neutral, Boss is "Ef Laka")
  • Batlaka: Worker (Belonging to Boss)
  • Ahkit: Cruelty
  • Avz: Callous/Cruel (Title), as well as word for Cold (temperature)
  • Ashii: Lies
  • Bizala: Ruler of a Nation (gender-neutral, multiple rulers would be "Ef Bizala")
  • Guth Bat Ahkit Avz Bizala: The Cruelty of the Cold King, or Cruelty of the Callous/Cold King (Singular (Guth) Belonging To (Bat) Cruelty (Akhit) Callous (Avz, signifying title) Bizala (Ruler)
  • Thuluzid Harth Bat Ashii: Thuluzid's Nine Lies, or Nine Lies of Thuluzid (Nine (Harth) Belonging To (Bat) Lies (Ashii)) )

Known Mirtese

Hyphrinet, a plump female vole who serves as an endangered servant and prisoner-of-war to Captain Ayid, in the city of Anak. She was captured during the Sixth Battle of Anak, when the Mirtese and Asckon beast forces were forced to retreat from Kaiantor after a bloody battle with the rat soldiers under the command of the newly-made Emperor Sligvere. Hyphrinet served as a firevole, a soldier who worked the fire-throwers the Mirtese employed during the war with Kaiantor. She was a gift to Ayid from the previous captain, Halvral.