Nyfitsa is a seaside country located on the southern coast of Aianar. It is primarily populated with mustelids and foxes, and ruled by a Queen, Ainsley, and a Council whose members were chosen to represent the interests of the Nyfitsan people.
Nyfitsa is a prosperous kingdom with a strong navy and infamously cunning merchants, and seems to have a hand inside most markets on Aianar. It has very strong ties with two countries in particular: Gannivere, its neighbor and a long-time ally through blood-relations, and Saampoch, a small island nation with which they are locked in a mutually-beneficial trade deal.
Nyfitsan ferrets, otters, and minks have many familial bonds with the people of Gannivere and Saampoch, and have convinced the Council to pledge defense of their two neighbors if ever the need were to arise.

Nyfitsa is particularly famous for its wine, its conniving merchants, and its weaselmaids.

The Royal Family are weasels who go by the name Sarnova.

Nyfitsa is divided up into provinces, which are divided up into counties led by counts who answer to the Lord Governors of the provinces.

Each city is ruled by a Baron, who answers to the Count of the county said city belongs to.



The prosperous, well-defended capital of Nyfitsa.

A bustling, prosperous seaport made of white and cream stone.



Primary Trading Goods

Allies and trade partners