Saampoch is a small island nation that would have lost its independence many generations ago, if it didn't have such strong ties with its dear friends and allies of the Misteli Kingdom of Nyfitsa. Whether it is its own country or merely an extension of the crown of Queen Ainsley Sarnova is an open question.

Consisting mainly of minks and Stranger immigrant families, with a wise, resilient Stranger named Medoek the Unmasked as its Count, Saampoch mainly earns its coin by way of fishing, sealing, weaving and shipbuilding. Saampoch trades its exports and imports largely through the tenacious, powerful Merchants' Guild of Nyfitsa, and the merchants sell the wares to whatever fine markets they have access to- the merchants and nobility get to keep a cut of the wealth they send back to Saampoch. So far, this business practice has worked to great success for both lands.